WIth less than a month to go until AWAKE is released, I thought I'd post some teasers from AWAKENING.

     I follow him to the back to the van, the back end already set up with the bench seat facing out to enjoy the open view, the soft cushion warming in the sun. He turns toward me, kissing me as he takes the towel and discards it somewhere. Now I am completely naked, as is he, still a little damp from our shower, but clean. I kiss him back and can feel his response against my upper thigh. 
     His hands slide down my back along my spine, the closer he gets to my ass, the more my body quivers.
     "Have you ever had sex in the woods?" he murmurs in my ear.
     "Do you want to?"
     "Yes. Desperately!" I say, with a little more urgency than I was expecting.
     "Oh, God, Nora. Where have you been all my life?" he moans into my ear.
     His hands are everywhere at once, on my back, cupping my breasts, stroking my arms. His teeth are lightly biting my left nipple while his fingers circle the other. With open mouth kisses, he moves up my neck to my mouth. I feel the warm air, hear the birds, and see the light. Holy shit, we are outside, naked, about to have sex. Could anything be more erotic?
     Running my hands along his muscled body,I feel his hard and smooth shoulders and chest, his flat stomach, his happy trail leading down to what has rapidly become my favorite body part. He quivers under my touch. 
     Walking me back up against the van, he picks me up placing me on the seat cushion. He has that wicked look I’ve learned to love. 
     "Have you ever used a vibrator?" he asks.


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