The Benefits of Deadlines

Something happened last week, something both frightening and exciting, something utterly amazing. I set a deadline. Yep, that’s all it took – a simple deadline. Awakening will be released in May 2014, less than 60 days. Wow!
What did that mean? It meant that I had to get my butt in gear that’s what. It meant I needed to start working on my website and Facebook page. I needed to start tweeting and pinning. It meant that I needed to get serious about this whole Indie Author thing.
Thank God for deadlines. I am loving this part of the job. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, that’s why I’m a writer. But this? I love this part. I’m having such a good time on Twitter and Facebook. And then there’s Pinterest! Who knew that my real job could be scrolling through pages of really, really good-looking men?
Meanwhile, Awakening is in its final editing and proofing stage. That feels great knowing how close I am to launching this book. I’m working on a cover that will knock your socks off! And I will not be afraid of the formatting process. (I hope.)
This week I went from one twitter follower to over 30. I had four likes on my Facebook page and now I have 20. Not that those are huge numbers, but it’s a significant jump from where I started. I owe my motivation to this deadline! Knowing that this was happening, I had to get over my fear and dive in. And when I did, I discovered that I love this part as much as I love writing! (Okay, that’s probably not completely true, but you get my point.)
Awakening is a great book and I’m so excited to finally get it out there. In my last post I uploaded a sneak peek. Check out the awesome scene with Nora Young in a dance club. It’s part of chapter three and I absolutely love this scene. It really sets Nora on her path for the rest of the book. Maybe this deadline has set me on my path for the rest of my Indie Author career!
Next week I am doing a Blog Hop! See you then. And set a deadline; it’s magic!

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