Teaser for Escape Part Three

October 31, 2014

Here's a teaser for those of you waiting for Escape Part Three. Release date October 31, 2014.
Until then…..

The door opened, cutting off her thoughts and spilling more light into the small space. Her stomach lurched as she squinted at the assaulting light. Renewed pounding in her head killed all the laughter immediately.

“I’m glad to hear you find your situation so amusing.” Jolly’s deep voice made her skin crawl.

She didn’t speak. She tried opening her eyes but couldn’t overcome the light beating her eyelids into submission.

“Rowena, Rowena, Rowena. You have a lot to learn, my child,” Jolly clucked at her.

She wanted to tell him off, to yell at him to get the hell out of here, to demand to see her son, but none of that was happening. Her throat was too dry to speak, her head throbbed as thoughts of shouting at him flew around it, and her eyes leaked. Her body was not cooperating in the least and she felt defeated. With no other option, she turned away from him and groped for the thin blanket to hide under.

“I can see you’re not quite ready yet. I’ll just leave you with this, then,” he told her.

Rowan heard his footsteps back out and the door close. When darkness settled back over her prison, she sat up and felt for what he had left behind. After her eyes readjusted to the slim beam of light making it’s way under the door, she saw a tray with a water jug and a glass on it. Sliding across the floor, she sat up and gulped the water, drinking the entire glass before registering the aftertaste.

With her heart racing, she leaned back and took several deep breaths. Fighting to stay awake, knowing that the drug would eventually take hold of her body, sweat poured down her face as the poison worked it’s way into her system. At first she just felt light headed. Her limbs became heavy, filling with lead with each passing moment. Soon she had to remember to breathe. Panic filled her as she wondered if maybe he was going to kill her this time. God damn it, Jolly. You will not win. She held on to those words as if they were a life raft, fighting the drug’s effects as long as she could, before blackness filled her mind, chasing out every thought.


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