Book Two in the AWAKENING series 

Coming in the Fall of 2014

Awake by Sydney Holmes




Passion and adventure go hand in hand with Ryan and Nora, but as Ryan taps into his deep well of desires, will he once again push Nora too far? While he struggles to find his place in the family law firm, his love for Nora grows. Ryan finally admits his deepest, darkest secret, now Nora must decide just how far she will let Ryan take her into his universe.

And We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to the winners of my GoodReads Giveaway! The books are in the mail!

Thanks all 997 of you who entered the contest! Awakening is available as an ebook as well as in paperback so don’t wait to pick up your copy.  

What readers are saying about Awakening.

5 Stars “You will need to sit next to a fan and a glass of wine in your hand while you read those steamy hot sex scene!!!!!” Books and Beyond Fifty Shades ~Amazon

4.5 Stars “I love how through out the whole book Nora comes into her own and figures out what she wants out of herself and life.” Melissa Caccam ~Amazon

4 Stars “Nora and Ryan's chemistry was off the charts.” Kjen ~GoodReads

4 Stars “I loved this book, full of great characters…. Ryan and Nora have an off the charts chemistry, and these scenes are written in a very sensual way, erotic and passionate without any of that squirky, stomach churning stuff that creeps into many books when writers add sex to a story. Here it's perfect, fits well and makes the book so much more than just a romance.”  Jeannie Zelos ~Amazon

4 Stars “I look forward to a sequel.” Sgalley ~Amazon

4 Stars “Great debut novel by an excellent wordsmith. …there is quite a potential here for a series, I'm telling you!”  Anna ~GoodReads

The Wait is Over!

AWAKENING is here! 

Awakening has been released. Thanks to everyone who helped along they way. You can find Awakening on Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, and All Romance E Books. There are already reviews up on Amazon and GoodReads.

 "I was intrigued by the mystery of Ryan & Nora's first meeting, they had instant chemistry on the dance floor but didn't know each other's names. My curiosity about Ryan kept me turning the pages... Don't laugh, but I actually contacted the author to ask if this was a series, I wanted to know more. She reassured me that there would be more Ryan & Nora, and that I should 'stay tuned'." Rosarita Reader Amazon

"I loved Ryan and Nora......this book had me hooked from the very beginning and I couldn't wait to see what happened between them. I am looking forward to reading more from this author." Tammy GoodReads

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Amazon worked through the night and relased the book ahead of time. Awakening is now live  

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Awakening just went live on NetGalley.

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Ever feel like everyone else has figured out this thing called life but you’re just watching it fly by, not really living?

Nora Young still believes she has time to figure it all out. She can still go to law school and take on the Supreme Court, make love in the sun, or even share her dreams with her boyfriend. Maybe that explains her morose mood when she realizes she’s moving up the corporate ladder at work as an Event Specialist—not a party planner thank you very much! It might also explain the horror when her emotionally distant boyfriend tosses out the words “marriage” and “kids” as if they’re the inevitable next steps in their benumbed, stifling relationship. 

Nora realizes she needs to take control and create a life filled with passion, purpose and adventure.

            Ryan Cole walks into her office and seems to offer everything Nora is looking for: passion, adventure—exhibitionism? But just when Nora starts to open up to Ryan and his crazy adventures, his ex girlfriend warns her that Ryan’s real tastes are dangerously extreme. Intrigued, Nora pushes Ryan to reveal his secrets but will Nora be able to handle it when he comes clean? Does setting boundaries with Ryan mean saying goodbye to the most passionate, sexy man she’s ever met?


Coming Soon

Shoot The Moon
Paradise Awaits
Midnight's Breath
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