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Jack London’s is crowded and we all squeeze into a table near the back. We’re far from the bar, but close to the bathroom, so I guess it works out.

Carrie, Joanne, Willow, and I are here with Sophia to celebrate her 24th birthday. We all met at Stanford; Joanne, Sophia, and I were starry-eyed freshmen and Carrie and Willow were sophomore roommates giving us the lowdown on college life. Even back then, Sophia was a cute, whip smart, blonde with an athletic body. Not much has changed over the years.

Does it Really Only Take 10,000 Hours?

            Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book a while back that introduced us all to the concept of 10,000 hours. He said that to get really good at something or become an expert in your field you need to do it for 10,000 hours. The book became pretty well known and 10,000 hours is now thrown around like some kind of magic number.

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Ever feel like everyone else has figured out this thing called life but you’re just watching it fly by, not really living? Nora Young wants to believe she has time to figure out her life, but slowly comes to grip with the reality that if she wants to really live her life she needs to take control. She vows to create a life filled with passion, purpose and adventure.
In walks Ryan Cole and seems to offer everything Nora is looking for: passion, adventure—exhibitionism? But just when Nora starts to open up to Ryan and his crazy adventures, his ex girlfriend warns her that Ryan’s real tastes are dangerously extreme. Intrigued, Nora pushes Ryan to reveal his secrets but will Nora be able to handle it when he comes clean? Does setting boundaries with Ryan mean saying goodbye to the most passionate, sexy man she’s ever met?

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Awakening coming in June 2014.

The Cocktail Party

I love people. I love listening to their stories, hearing about their lives, and joining their adventures. However, I’m a party participant fail. I’m great one on one and I love hanging out with a group of people. But, what I haven’t mastered is the cocktail party. In fact, I have a long history of silencing parties. And by that, I mean the entire room goes silent trying to figure out how to recover from some social gaff I have just committed. So I’m a little wary of these events.

You Know it’s Fiction When….

I read a lot and a few months ago I ran across a rash of books where the heroine surprises her boyfriend by waxing. This got me curious. See, I’ve waxed my legs before so I’m familiar with the concept: the painting of hot wax on your legs, the pressing of cloth on said leg and then the ripping of said cloth off your leg along with all your hair. It hurts. And that was just my leg.
But still I wondered, could you really get your hoohah waxed at two in the afternoon and then unveil it to your new boyfriend at nine that night?

Blog Hop Tour

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Today is Blog Tour Day. This blog tour is where writers talk about their writing process. My friend Cassandra Shaw posted her Blog Hop last week on her new Twysted Blog. You can check out her writing process here:

The Benefits of Deadlines

Something happened last week, something both frightening and exciting, something utterly amazing. I set a deadline. Yep, that’s all it took – a simple deadline. Awakening will be released in May 2014, less than 60 days. Wow!
What did that mean? It meant that I had to get my butt in gear that’s what. It meant I needed to start working on my website and Facebook page. I needed to start tweeting and pinning. It meant that I needed to get serious about this whole Indie Author thing.
Thank God for deadlines.

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