The Things I Need

USA Today Best-selling Author, Sydney Holmes, brings you a smoking-hot contemporary romance series that will keep you up all night!

“The Knight Skies series will burn you up from the inside out.”

The Things I Need (Book Two Knight Skies) 

Lucas Knight wants nothing more than to get married and start a family – he just needs to find that perfect woman. 

When Piper Palanik moves into the classroom next door, to teach art no less, she certainly does not make the list of potential brides. What with her independent streak, purple hair, and sass she is exactly what he doesn’t want in a wife. But, as the list stacks up of things he should hate about her, he just can’t seem to get enough.

Piper finds the hunk of a teacher next door adorable if not confusing. Every time she feels like she’s making headway into a possible friendship they end up fighting. Having already paid a hefty price due to work place harassment, she decides to give up. There’s no law that says she has to be friends with everyone, right? Still, her heart is heavy as she vows to ignore the pull to be close to him.

Sparks fly as these two figure out that you don’t always get what you want, but you just might get what you need.

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