The Things You Do To Me

USA Today Best-selling Author, Sydney Holmes, brings you a smoking-hot contemporary romance series that will keep you up all night!

“The Knight Skies series will burn you up from the inside out.”

The Things You Do To Me (Knight Skies Book One)

Stress, humiliation, worry, anxiety- this is what her life has become. Kiera Rockwell had everything she ever wanted in life: a great job selling luxury real estate, a cottage by the sea, and a sports car just for fun – but somehow it all just added up to nothing.

Start a new project, they said. The higher the risk, the bigger the reward, they said. While her real estate career was slowly killing her, flipping spec homes seemed like the perfect way to re-engage in her career while using her skills and contacts. So far it had only amounted to a whole lot of debt, stress, and humiliation. What she hadn't counted on was AJ Knight. Not only is Knight Construction the hottest construction company in town (a good choice for her project), but turns out AJ is one sexy contractor. And, as hard as she tries, she can’t seem to get over his good looks and act like her normal, smart, articulate, competent self around him.

AJ Knight has poured his heart and soul into his construction business, earning him a top spot in the Steamy Falls building boom. No one in the business would guess that the uber-sexy contractor spent the last few years nursing a broken heart.

On the outside, Kiera represents everything AJ has been trying to avoid since his break-up two years ago. Not only does she appear shallow, scattered, and barley able to put three sentences together, there is just something about her that rubs him the wrong way. However, AJ can’t seem to stay away from her and the longer they work together, the more AJ learns that Kiera may not be the woman he first thought. Sparks start to fly, but can they get past their own insecurities and stubborn perceptions to see each other for who they really are?

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